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Re: [IP] Re: Infusion Sites and Tape Problems

Adrienne wrote:

>I use Humalog for 3-4 days and haven't noticed a big problem with higher BG
>after the 3rd day but then I haven't really been trying to keep that close

    You really ought to keep better records you know. Not critisizing, just
that it does make for better decision making for you and your doctor. I have
one of those "ugly" purple three ring folders (39 cents) at WalMart, and I
print out some pages in Word and every time I check my BG I write the time
and date, and how much I bolus. Also in the back of this folder I have
another form that I record my set changes. I jot down what my BG is just
before the change and then I know if the set is working.
    After I print these out I use a three hole punch to put the holes in and
I have the past three years of BG's in three folders. Incindently, a folder
will just hold enough pages for a year's worth of BG's at 8 or 10 per day.
    Sorry but the computer police are here and I have to cut this short.

Good luck and keep better records,

Buddy '-)