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Re: [IP] meter/software

On  2 Feb 98 at 23:29, Barry Bruce wrote:

> i'm going to need a new meter and would like to get one i can download
> info/readings straight into my pc.i could use any advice on meters and
> software. any sug. on any of the nutrition/menu planning software. i'm a
> single father on definently no cook. thanks
> email @ redacted

The One-Touch Profile can be connected to a PC using a cheap cable 
that the company will sell you - I think the cable may cost about 
five or ten dollars.  Check with a CDE or endocrinologist's office to 
see if they have any give-aways on the meter.  There are a number of 
good freeware programs for the Profile to download and print the 

Randall Winchester

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