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[IP] Aspertame and 'toots'

From: email @ redacted

Michael and Renee,

Ahhhh-ha!!!!   Do you remember my post several weeks earlier about Laura
compaining of stomach aches?   Thank you , Thank you,  Between the two of you
I now have a starting point in for helping Laura.  

BTW have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy and APPRECIATE this pumper's
list!  Well, if i haven't I am mentioning iT now!  Everyday I learn something
new that I am able to put in the back of my mind for future reference.   

Michael, I know others feel as I do - you are doing a tremendous favor for
many many people. by maintaining this list.  You should feel terrific about
yourself!  What a lucky girl Lily, and your other kids, are to have an
interested caring parent like you who 'goes the extra mile for others.'   

Enough said . . .     Sherri Lynn~