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[IP] I'm abandoning Humalog

Hi gang,

As I was laying on the couch last night, waiting for my blood sugar to rise
above 50, it occurred to me that this was the third time in about two weeks
that I had been doing that.  Lately, I've felt that the Humalog is acting much
too aggressively, even when I use a square wave.  I've been getting this
light-headed feeling, like low blood sugar, only when I test, I'm usually in
the mid 80's.  But several times now, I have crashed about an hour later.  And
these crashes have been stubborn.  Last night it took 45 minutes to bring it
up to 90.  And yes, an hour after that, my bg was 202.

I didn't used to feel this way.  That was when I was on Velosulin.  It was
smooth and comfortable.  When I did go low, I could almost always attribute it
to incorrect carb counting.  (I know I counted the carbs correctly last
night.)  I've been using Humalog for about 2 1/2 months now.  My principal
reason for going on it was so that the insulin would be out of my system
sooner, making it easier to exercise, do yard work, or build our cabin.  But
I'm not sure it is worth this rocky feeling.  I think I metabolize it too
quickly.  I used to feel guilty when I bolused my Velosulin as I sat down to a
meal.  I had always heard that you should bolus a half hour in advance.  Well,
for me, that just isn't practical, so I have always injected/bolused right
before eating.  Now I realize that this must be OK for my body, because my A1c
on Humalog was no better than the ones on Velosulin.  

I did discuss mixing Velosulin and Humalog with my doctor.  He said it is too
much of an unknown and advised against it.  While I don't always like this
guy's ego, I do respect his knowledge and need to keep him on my side. He's
the only pump advocate in town.

So... this morning, when I changed my set and reservoir, I filled up with
Velosulin.  I am no longer going to feel guilty for bolusing right before I
eat, as it evidently works for me.  I'll let you know if I can feel a

Mary Jean