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This is a record of my endo visit yesterday, and yes, there is a bit of devilry in me at times.  I am not a very modest person - conservative, I follow societies "rules" and dress with a modicum of decorum - but I think that we overdo it.  God gave us all bodies that have the same basic parts and with differences necessary for procreation.  I had noticed while in the hospital getting set up on my pump that my endo practically freaks if I am only partially clothed.  He walked in one day when I was doing an above the waist insertion and got really embarrassed.  He's my doc - it just doesn't bother me if he sees my body but it did bother him.

My husband and I were talking about insertion sights after I got my pump.  My CDE had suggested that I avoid the obviously used ones on the 2.5 inches right and left of my zipper area (remember, I injected through clothes).  Jon asked how she could tell, and I showed him.  He suggested the obvious - why not gather some extra tissue in the upper torso area that some women add artificial supplements to, i.e. breasts.

I could have asked my CDE (yes I noticed that it wasn't on MM site map), but I "forgot" and asked my endo yesterday.  After turning 14 shades of red and agreeing that the results could have benefit, he thought that I should avoid it to avoid any lumpy tissue.  I said I would at least until the data on whether I will get lumpy is in.  I haven't had any problem with the sites in the central axis area that MM site map also did not plot.   Have fun - I'm going to try the workout again.  Today I've set an increased tem basal for 2.25 hours before workout and I'm going to keep it increase for at least 2 hours after.

Take care.
dx 71, mm507 1/12/97