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[IP] diabetic, middle-aged and dating

Actually, this is just my opportunity to brag about my husband.  I got
divorced in my late-30's and thought this was the end.  better chance of
being shot by a terrorist and all that stuff.  Plus here I had been IDDM
since 1963, and life expectancy for diabetics not being that great.
My husband couldn't look at a hypodermic w/out fainting when I met him
(In fact, I think that's why it took him 3 years to marry me -- couldn't
face the blood test!)  Now, he has no qualms about my 4 shot/multiple
blood glucose tests daily.  It's even gotten to the point that when we
get up in the a.m., he goes to make coffee while I test my blood sugar. 
Inevitably, he comes back and says, "How are you doing this morning?"  I
consistently replied "oh, fine."  Until he made it clear that he wanted
to know what my blood sugar was at that point.  (I have dawn phenomenon
and haven't gotten that completely mastered.)  
In defense, of most men I met in the dating market, none seemed
overly-concerned about my diabetes, or were in anyway put off by my
routine.  They were concerned about my general wellbeing, but felt that
I knew what I ws doing and I was capable of making decisions about food,
drink, activities, etc.
But then, my husband John, is my best supporter in this matter.  Right
now our dining room table is covered with Mini-Med supplies and
propoganda as I await getting hooked up on March 2nd.  (No one suspected
the insurance company would approve the purchase so easily.  Bless you,
Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield!)  My birthday is also that week and we
are looking forward to going out a little later and getting to eat and
drink what I want without feeling the ill consequences 24-48 hours
Vicki McDonald
New Haven, CT 
27 days (and counting) until pump day