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[IP] Re: Infusion Sites and Tape Problems

The messages I had tried to send when the system was choking dealt with
infusion sites.  After seeing the model on MiniMeds page I thought I would
branch out and try other infusion sites.  I have been using the abdomen area
below my jeans waist line with no problems using both the tape that comes
with the SofSet and the Polyskin that I received as part of my supplies.
The new site I tried was still the abdoment but above my jeans.  Big
Mistake!!  The tape is so adhesive that it pulled a layer of my skin off
when I got up & moved around.  So I moved back to where I was before.  Then
I found that the area where I now had a sore was very sensitive to the
adhesive on the bandage that I was using and ending up with a few more sore

I read about some of the other tapes and dressings so went and bought some
Tegaderm but haven't tried it because it is made by the same company (3M) as
the bandages I had trouble with.  I am a bit scared to try any new spots
after now so will stay where I am at for the moment.

I use Humalog for 3-4 days and haven't noticed a big problem with higher BG
after the 3rd day but then I haven't really been trying to keep that close