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Re: [IP] Re: Pump trainer ???

My message made it ! <BG> There is life out there!
Right after I was diagnosed back in '74 (in a town smaller than this)  our
family doctor moved and we had a doctor from India.  Real interesting!  My
parents had taken me to a pediatrician (I was 15) in Billings but they said
I didn't care for him.  Later when my daughter was born I found out why I
didn't care for him!  I started out with the Clinitest in the test tubes and
started with a BGM in 1981 after I was in the hospital for ketoacidosis when
I was 4 months pregnant.  At that time I was taking only 1 shot of NPH.
After my daugher was born I picked up a pamphlet on the March of Dimes
Diabetes & Pregnancy program and kept it until we were ready for the second
child.  I was able to get on that study (just made it) and they put me on
regular 2x a day with the NPH.  After I had my son I went back to 1 shot of
NPH.  I later decided on my own to go to multiple shots to allow more
flexibility and my doctor said go for it.
I read about the pump and thought about it for a year and am glad I took the
plunge!  So yes I am in greater shape than I started!

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>HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Adrienne, I know you are in much better shape today than
>you were 24 years ago.
>    My hat is off to you darlin'. It is difficult at times to find answers
>or was before this MASS of walking information. Especially "Down In The
>Boondocks". We must not let them know how valuable this sight is or they
>will start charging for the questions asked! <Big Grin>
>    I solute all of you that live far from expert help and have to more or
>less fend for yourselves.
>Buddy '-)
> > Most of the information I put to use with the pump comes from reading,
>this group
>>and asking ?s when I talk to the CDE at my doctors office.
>>Lewistown does have 3 traffic lights so we aren't totally rural!
>>Adrienne, Type I for 24 years today, on the pump since 11/6/97