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RE: Re: [IP] meter/software

Carolyn, it is probably the Instant DM.  I have been testing it for my
doc.  I really like it, down size is the size.  It is much larger than
the Profile and the Accucheck Advantage.  Upside, it does have graphs,
48 hours and weekly, it is downloadable and has many ways to print out
the reports, better than what I used on the Profile.  The item I like
the best is the ability to go back and edit the entry.  Your bolus and
meal information is shown on the display screen, without having to
scroll to another screen.  You can also add new entries, I use an
Advantage when away from home, due only to the size and weight of
carrying the Instant DM - it makes my purse soooooo heavy- then I enter
the info in the Instant DM on arrival back home.  When I talked to the
company I suggested that they try to work on the size, so maybe the one
that comes out for sale will be smaller, but even with the size I prefer
it over the other machines.   Rita

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> the accuchek people will be introducing a new meter soon.  i don't
> remember
> the name but it was developed with pump users and those on MDI in
> mind.  it
> has download capabilities and also, looked like it could show graphs
> right on
> the screen.  it was impressive.
> carolyn