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RE: [IP] Re: Downside ????

I would certainly come closer to wearing a button or tee shirt with info
about the pump before I will buy a shirt from a restaurant and give them
a free ad with my money.  I know how much the pump can help

I had my eye doc appointment today and he said that if my bleeding
doesn't get any worse I should make it to the pearly gates without
surgery!  Sure made my day especially because I have a bleeder close to
the optic nerve.  Now if I can get through the endo tomorrow without
being in too much trouble (my A1C is 7.3)  I should make it fine through
this week!  Thanks to this group you have made me want to work harder to
achieve a lower A1C-----Thanks.  I know Dr. Riche  is going to be happy
with that decision.

Also, I told my friend, Carole, how much ya'll enjoyed the garage door
thing and she said to let ya'll know that the only reason she didn't try
it was due to the fact that her dog would be barking all day when the
door went up and down with no one there.  She is so very funny, I love
having her as a friend.

Hope I spelled everything right and it makes sense - my eyes are still
dilated--thank goodness it's raining here like cats and dogs and no
sunshine in sight today.


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> > I'm a big believer in the statement, "there are no stupid
> questions."
>   How about, "How many pages are there in the Diabetic Amish
> Phonebook?"
> Maybe you could wear a button that says, "Ask me about my diabetes?"
> or
> we could all be paid by MiniMed and Disetronicby wearing a button
> that says "Ask
> me about my Insulin Pump"? and refer clients who take interest on the
> fly... you
> know kind of like an Amway thing... I'll take the money.. :)
> Forrest