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Re: [IP] Chromium


have heard nothing against  damage to the kidneys.  Please tell more on that

I most DEFINITELY notice a difference in the utilization and efficiency of my
insulin.  Me and Gerri (my CDE from Home Medical) have done our own non-
givernment funded study and we both concur.

I have been taking chromium for about 4 years.  I take 400mcg (?) in the am -
I probably should spread it out, but I get it in 400 mcg (?) tablets)  "They"
do say however that unless your body is LACKING in chromium, you really dont
need to supplement.  All I know is when I take it I need between 31 and 35
units per day, and without it  and eating the same will take over 40.

I certainly haven't noticed any slimming effects, but hope that all the hype
will drive the price down...but don't hold your breath