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RE: Re: [IP] meter/software

 Hi, I have one of these new meters and it IS fantastic...it is called the ACCU-CHEK instant DM...gives your results in 12 seconds!!!!!! like a mini-mini-laptop....I just got mine about a week ago....have downloaded the software and waiting on a cable....it graphs your insulin dosages,carob.exercise etc....does all kinds of really neat stuff....has a little flip-up screen.....very impressive.....and I love it!!!!!!!
 I am a terrible record keeper and this does the job nicely....and looking at the graphs really wants you to keep everythig in check!!!!!!! 
the accuchek people will be introducing a new meter soon.  i don't remember
the name but it was developed with pump users and those on MDI in mind.  it
has download capabilities and also, looked like it could show graphs right on
the screen.  it was impressive.

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