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RE: Re: [IP] meter/software

> the accuchek people will be introducing a new meter soon.  i don't
> the name but it was developed with pump users and those on MDI in mind.
> has download capabilities and also, looked like it could show graphs right
> the screen.  it was impressive.

This is the Accucheck Complete.  I've seen it, and it's a GREAT meter.
1000 event memory, graphing, the ability to enter insulin information, etc.
If anyone's seen the Accucheck Instant DM, the Accucheck Complete is like
taking the Instant DM's feature set, along with using Advantage strips, and
then adding more features to it.  It definitely has features for us pumpers
in mind -- you can enter insulin as discrete shots (what the Instant DM
allowed), or as basal and bolus.  It's a bit large for a meter, but not so
large that I can't deal with it ;-)

I hope to have my hands on one soon, probably about a week or so (I love
being so active in the local support group -- I'm getting my hands on all
sorts of goodies ;-)  I'll post a full report to the list when I have it and
I've had a chance to form some impressions.  In the meantime, people might
want to check out Boehringer-Mannheim's web page
(http://www.boehringer-mannheim.com/) to see if they have any information up

Greg Legowski
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