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Re: [IP] Re: Pump trainer ???

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Adrienne, I know you are in much better shape today than
you were 24 years ago.
    My hat is off to you darlin'. It is difficult at times to find answers
or was before this MASS of walking information. Especially "Down In The
Boondocks". We must not let them know how valuable this sight is or they
will start charging for the questions asked! <Big Grin>
    I solute all of you that live far from expert help and have to more or
less fend for yourselves.

Buddy '-)

 > Most of the information I put to use with the pump comes from reading,
this group
>and asking ?s when I talk to the CDE at my doctors office.
>Lewistown does have 3 traffic lights so we aren't totally rural!
>Adrienne, Type I for 24 years today, on the pump since 11/6/97