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Re: [IP] meter/software

    I use an Advantage by Accu-Check and although more expensive the the
software Ted was talking about Balance PC seems to do much more, to me
    The Advantage will store 100 readings and pulgs into a cable that hooks
into your serial port. If I remember correctly the software and cable was
around $120.00. The company has a websight and did send me a working model
of the software with limited features to try out before I purchased it. It
has a database of thousands of foods and will calculate your carbs, fats,
and like that. Makes charts, graphs, and reports. Has places to keep track
of almost everything you would want to keep track of. Exercise, medications,
HbA1c's, health events, and personal activities. It comes with a video, that
you really don't need but it is informative too. Works with all versions of
Windows and supports up to 8 users. How many families has 8 members much
less 8 diabetics? Ha
    You can contact them at 1-888-656-5656 or at  http://www.medilife.com/
Check it out

Buddy '-)

>i'm going to need a new meter and would like to get one i can download
>info/readings straight into my pc.i could use any advice on meters and
>software. any sug. on any of the nutrition/menu planning software.