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Re: [IP] meter/software

Barry Bruce wrote:
> i'm going to need a new meter and would like to get one i can download
> info/readings straight into my pc.i could use any advice on meters and
> software. 

I use a One Touch Profile. It uses a small plug (1/8" stereo headphone 
jack) to connect to your computer's serial port to download data. The
cable used is a special 1, but can be had from LifeScan for the cost
of shipping, $5 or sometimes free if you ask.

Software is also available from them for $60 to $80, depending on if 
they have a special going. This is Windows software, can be a bit 
bothersome to set up, but works fairly well. Gives 10 report types.
You can record insulin doses and carb counts in it too.

There is also the Dex meter (forgot who is making it, someone here 
will likely know. which will be introduced next month
It holds 10 test strips and is quite small, software is supposed to be
available soon.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted