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[IP] Diabetes Forecast article on Humalog (Lispro)

Here is the URL for the Diabetes Forecast article which I mentioned in a
post yesterday. It is a light overview, but it does specifically
acknowledge the fact that Humalog is being used in pumps.

In addition, there is a side bar re: Humalog "cocktails". This reference is
to a number of users who mix injections of Humalog and Regular (as well as
some discussion of longer acting insulin in combination with Humalog). In
effect, some of these patients use Regular as the "long lasting" insulin,
and Humalog as the "quick acting" insulin. The overall activity curve is
compressed and much of the unpredictability of traditional longer acting
insulins, such as NPH and U are eliminated. There is no reference one way
or the other re: these "cocktails" in pumps. Interesting ..


Bob Burnett

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