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Re: [IP] Re: Pump trainer ???

I have been reading all the messages since I joined in December and I have
responded once but that was when the system was down and while I sent my
message to where Michael told us it got lost in Cyberspace.

I live in a small town in the center of Montana and drive 130 miles one way
to see my endo and "pump trainer".  I have seen them both once since going
on the pump on November 6, 1997  but I communicate with the CDE over the
phone (which still costs me and the insurance company doesn't cover that).
I do have a family doctor locally who I can see for the usual things.  Most
of the information I put to use with the pump comes from reading, this group
and asking ?s when I talk to the CDE at my doctors office.

Lewistown does have 3 traffic lights so we aren't totally rural!

Adrienne, Type I for 24 years today, on the pump since 11/6/97