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Re: [IP] Velosulin (or Regular) vs: Humalog (long)

Michelle, You're a hypochondriac... just kidding..
Well me personally, when I was diagnosed with diabetes resisted and resisted
to go to the doctor.. I think men are like this... Women are much more likely
to frequent the doctor.  At least according to statistics.  But after being
so terribly sick for two weeks (everyone said I had the flu) except for my
mom, moms are so smart.. But even then I resisted to go to the doctor.  I
always listen to my mother(always have) and I am more willing to get
something checked out, because it might be worse than I thought.

Michelle Rands wrote:

> Bob thank you for your post...they are always very informative...most
> people who talk of the cocktail say they mix Humalog and Velosulin...has
> anybody tried H and Regular?...I have never purchased Velosulin but I
> have several bottles of reg. I would like to get rid of from my pre pump
> days...My last 4 sites have left hard lumps below the surface...I thought
> maybe it was because I had infection in my body from being sick, because
> I didn't have any problems the previous month...but I have only been a
> pumper for 2 months so maybe it took that long for my body to start
> reacting to the Humalog???There are so many variables...we have to be
> such detectives...Does anyone else feel like diabetes makes them feel
> like a hypochondriac...I think it is because I have such a heightened
> awareness of my body that I know when one little thing is out of kilter
> and then I go to the Dr. and they don't have an answer...or they blame it
> on this all encompasing thing called diabetes...Michelle
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