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Re: [IP] IV surgery 101


Will you be OK after the surgery, meaning can you do your tests, see your pump
etc.?  IF SO - then make sure you are at a comfortable level for the 2-3 hours
before the surgery - check with your doc - probably 150-180 or so YMMV.  You
will probably be fasting, so just make sure your basals are scheduled to pick
up just before or while you are out.

Then just make sure everyone knows you want you glucometer in recovery with

Unless you aren't going to be able to eat for more than 1/2 a day, I suggest
you ask for the saline IV - if you won't be eating for a while, go ahead and
take the sugar water IV.  I suggest the  2.5% IV - that will give your brain
some food and keep you from going into starvation ketosis without driving your
sugars over the cliff - 2.5% 1 litre bag has 85 calories, 5% 1 litre bag has
180 calories

If you are gonna be out of it for awhile, is there someone you trust to do
your blood tests and cover for highs?  You might train someone - like hubby or
whoever, write it out for him. ie "If I am 150-180 - fine, if I am 180-220
administrer X insulin, if i am 220-25, administer X " or wahtever works for
you.  Remeber, the nurses change shifts every 8 hours and you may have a cool
one when you get out of surgery who understands everything, and then at 4pm it
turns into Hilda the super bitch nurse who don't take no shit from patients!

Ask your diabetes doctor for the range he thinks is best and then make sure he
tells your OTHER doctor what the instructions are.  They have to talk to each
other!! otherwise you will be treated like just another patient.