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Re: [IP] Steel Magnolias - Sara Blowing the ending.. :)

In a message dated 98-02-02 12:06:06 EST, Forest writes:

>  OH NO... Well now I know the ending now ;) I was planning on watching this
>  movie. I have never seen it.. probably was never interested when it came
>  because it was a "chick" film :)

Watch it anyway - it is a good movie and just cuz the diabetic dies doesn't
mean the world has ended...well maybe it does, but the movie has other loose
ends to tie up.

. hollywood in all it's various mediums tries to dramatize it or just plain
>  fabricate stuff..

Yeah - like the nutso homeless guy with the shaggy bear on ER a couple weeks
ago - His sugars were 142 (great per the nurse) and then a mouse crawls out of
his beard - DONCHA know we are all weird psychos with mices (meece?) living
under our unshaved chins.  sigh

>  so Sara, how did the "date" turn out... Did the guy freak? :)  I am always
>  conscious of what "dates" would think and such.. 

This guy was amazingly intelligent and seemed to just accept the diabetes.  I
had to explain why I was all emotional, and he was understanding (wow!  an
understanding guy??!?!?!)  Of course, at that time (November 1989 to be
exact), I was on multiple injections and tested about 5 times a week, so it
wasn't like he was inundated with it.  I am still friends with him and he is
still very interested in all the testing and protocol and everything involved
with it.  My latest endeavor of the opposite sex didn't even get as far as
seeing where it attached before he bailed - the loser.  Guess it freaked him
out that I had laser surgery one week and was in the hospital the next.

Sara *-)