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Re: [IP] Re: Tape

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to this site, so please be patient with me.  

No problem, most people here are good at being patient(s).  :^}

My son is a new pumper.
> He has been pumping for 2 weeks now.  We are doing prettey great in all areas,
> except the tape.  He seems to have a problem with the tape staying down where
> the line comes out.  It gets pulled on when he is sleeping or even during the
> day and it raises the tape up.  Any suggestions?

OK, Liz, it sounds like he's trying to use the MiniMed infusion sets. The 
overtaping on those is what got me looking around, and I now use the 
Pureline Comfort sets available from Chronimed (who imports them). The
same kind of set is also sold as the Disetronics Tenders and the new MiniMed

These are differently designed, the canula base is solidly attached to a
large tape, and the quick disconnect is built into it. There is no need, and
as a matter of fact no WAY, to put tape over the unit. The canula is also 
better since it comes out the side of the unit so it's a it more flexible
than the MiniMed "straight in" canula that tends to come loose or get
twisted off with any sideways force. Just don't let the length of the
needle and canula bother you, it's a lot longer since it needs to go as
deep on a slant, but it DOES stay there so much better,

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

Ted Quick