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Re: [IP] Steel Magnolias - Sara Blowing the ending.. :)

hey Forrest,
  I can remember going out and having to pull out the ole syringe and
explaining no i'm not on drugs I am diabetic do you still want to go out with
me!!!! LOL  Thanks goodness the last one didn't mind as long as I kept the
needles to myself.lol  He went on and married me and gave me two wonderful
(and beautiful I may add) little boys.  And each morning he always asks is
"your blood sugar ok? you sure", because he has had to pull me through some
pretty bad lows.
P.S. here's something to laugh at and don't we all need that.  I went out with
this guy for a couple of months about 8 years ago and saw him awhile after we
broke up and he says hey you have some needles in my glove compartment!!!