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RE: [IP] 'Sins lead to diabetic children'

 Buddy, I've been there too.....I totally understand....and then there was the pump.......life is good again.....I can't praise it enough
Thank God for the pump!!!!!!!!


>     By the way, has anyone researched diabetes and depression.
>     just wondering.
>     Yerachmiel,

    Of course, I've been researching it for the past 38 years. It goes "hand
in hand". Until the pump I thought you couldn't have one without the other.
Lost two sweet friends (both diabetics) to suicide. With the feelings I have
had to deal with in the past, that's all the proof I need. I have been
there. All I would have had to do is pull the trigger. . . . . ..

Buddy '-) Praise the pump!!!

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