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Re: [IP] Aspertame and 'toots'

      And I have to "second" Michael's comments..Melissa not only had "toot"
problems, but also constant stomach pains from the apparent "fermentation"
going on from the sorbitol and manitol.  The ONLY diet product she uses now is
Diet Soda which doesn't seem to affect her. Carb counting & being able to eat
"real food" was like a "get out of jail free" card to Melissa!!..We quickly
trashed the wretched Estee chocolates and the dietetic pancake syrup- 2 of the
worst "offenders".
      Try "Tastations" choclate hard candies... only 20 cals & 5 carbs I
think...and gives you a real chocolate "fix" that lasts awhile!!!

Renee (Melissa's mom)