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Re: [IP] SupercomPUMPer

I haven't felt that extra energy yet either...course I have had that bug
that comes and goes since New Years...or maybe I am getting all of the
bugs one on top of the other...I wanted the pump so bad...I tried to keep
my expectations at a reasonable level...ya know how when people lose a
lot of weight they think their whole life is going to change and it is
just not that way...not that the pump isn't great...no one could pry it
away from me...I'm not having reactions all the time like I used to...but
I am feeling the lows that don't register as being low so maybe a switch
to the Humalog /reg cocktail will help that...could also be due to the
fact that I have been running high since I've been sick and coming down
to near normal feels like a low after being high for a while...Michelle

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