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Re: [IP] Velosolin (or Regular) vs: Humalog (long)

Michael, Michelle:

I think I recall an article in Diabetes Forecast several months ago about
Humalog. Something along the lines of "Wonder of Wonders", a discussion
about this "revolutionary new insulin". The article discussed  reaction
times, how mixtures were affected, necessary modifications to routine, etc.
I think I remember seeing something about mixing it with Regular. It might
have appeared in a side bar to the article.

If this article was not in Forecast, it may have been in "Diabetes Self


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>Most regular insulin is Eli Lilly - the buffering formulation is the 
>same as Humalog (I believe) and Lilly has an article about results 
>mixing Humalog with a variety of other insulins (except regular). The 
>article has curves for effectiveness, and quite a bit of info about 
>the results.  I suspect they just never though about mixing H and R. 
>Unless you were a pumper, it really wouldn't make any sense anyway.
>Let us know how it goes.
>email @ redacted