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Re: [IP] garters-first was(tight fitting dress)

Nancy...Just a word of caution...make sure it is a tight fitting garter
or it will end up around your ankles sometime during the affair
especially if you wear it over nylons...I would field test it before the
big day...I have even tried to sew the thigh thing to a garter belt but
it still landed around about the knee...good luck...Michelle

On Sat, 31 Jan 98 00:49:09 PST "Nancy Ludwig" <email @ redacted>
>Hello to the ladies and any men who may care,  :-)
>I was the one who initially asked about were to put the pump in a 
>fitting dress.  I am in a wedding coming in June.
>Thank you for all of the suggestions.   I ordered the Unique catalog 
>have looked into each of your ideas.   But I have come up with this 
>I took my garter that I wore at my wedding and have taken a pattern 
>from it
>and am making my own garter with a pocket to hold the pump..   I hope 
>it will work.   I am adding some frillies to it, lace, rosebuds, and 
>such.  I would
>like for it to be dressy,
>Now of course I realize not many will see it, but I would like to feel 
>with it.  :-)
>I will keep you posted on it and how the stiching goes.  Maybe I will 
>add the
>pearls and a few sequins also..   :-)   Why not!
>Sewing away,
>email @ redacted

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