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Re: [IP] Velosulin (or Regular) vs: Humalog (long)

Bob thank you for your post...they are always very informative...most
people who talk of the cocktail say they mix Humalog and Velosulin...has
anybody tried H and Regular?...I have never purchased Velosulin but I
have several bottles of reg. I would like to get rid of from my pre pump
days...My last 4 sites have left hard lumps below the surface...I thought
maybe it was because I had infection in my body from being sick, because
I didn't have any problems the previous month...but I have only been a
pumper for 2 months so maybe it took that long for my body to start
reacting to the Humalog???There are so many variables...we have to be
such detectives...Does anyone else feel like diabetes makes them feel
like a hypochondriac...I think it is because I have such a heightened
awareness of my body that I know when one little thing is out of kilter
and then I go to the Dr. and they don't have an answer...or they blame it
on this all encompasing thing called diabetes...Michelle

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