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[IP] When your kid gets sick - diabetes

Sherri wrote:
> On the evening Laura was first diagnosed I kept crying 
and couldn't stop.  Our
> doctor looked me in the eye and said "Sherri, I am not happy that she has this
> but at least diabetes is something we can treat."  

As a parent, I understand what you have gone through.
When Lily was diagnosed, Mimi and I were devastated but somewhat 
thankful that it wasn't worse.  We took Lily to the doc because we 
noticed abruptly that she had lost 15 pounds in just a few weeks. We 
feared the worse, since a friend had recently lost a son to leukemia.

We had already spent a year and a half sleeping on hospital floors 
with little brother Will - the $600,000 dollar man. Fortunately he 
will (is) outgrowing the problems.  This kind of experience hardens 
you to life. You think nothing more can possibly phase you. 

Then - whammy, another child gets a major illness. I suppose we 
adapted more quickly to Lily's illness. I know we are certainly MUCH 
more suspious of the medical people who it seems half the time don't 
know what the h--l is going on. That is probably a factor in Lily 
starting the pump 5 months after diagnosis.

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