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Re: [IP] Aspertame and 'toots'

> Hi Michael,
> Many many times Laura has asked me "mom, why do I get the toots since I became
> a diabetic."   Michael, you may have just answered the most asked question in
> our household!  Is there anything that can be done to to prevent this from
> happening or to stop it once the gas builds up?  
> Laura will be so glad to know she is not the only one.  
Yeah, quit eating the d--n candy.  Eat the real stuff and count the 
carbs.  Lily eats peanut-butter-cups (her favorite) and chocolate 
mints (second favorite). Not all the time but now and then, just like 
her 3 brothers and sister.  The carb count is not very high and a 
bolus for the candy works just fine.

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