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Re: [IP] Diabetes Genetic Theory for Survival

What a refreshing response to all of this.  My son recently started attending
a new Christian School in our area.  He is in 8th grade.  I approached his gym
teacher and gave him a supply of sugar cubes to carry in his bag for Darren.
This man began to tell me that it was my fault that Darren had diabetes.  He
told me that if I had more faith in God, that Darren would be cured.  He
continued to belittle me and told me that I was from a pagan religion and that
I should allow him to lay hands on my son and "heal" him.  As I stood there
flabbergasted, I told him that under no uncertain terms was he to "touch" my
son, and that he needed to return to his home and review his Bible.  I then
spoke to the adminstrator at the school and advised him that if anything of
this nature took place, they would be loosing a student.  He assured me that
this man was not representing the school and was entering a personal opinion.
He then told me that the man would be talked to and told to keep his opinions
to himself.

Being the mother of a child with a disease, the guilt you feel is incredible.
If I could change places with my son and take this disease from him, I would.
I thank God each and every day for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon
us.  Especially, giving Darren a disease that we can live with.  

About a week ago, this mans truck was broken into and his speakers for his
stereo were stolen.  I guess he just doesn't have enough faith.