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Brad, I know that my feelings are not shared by all and hope not to reopen things that upset others.  However, I think that the health profession tends to assert with too much enthusiasm that if you maintain tight control, you can avoid complications.  While you have a better chance of avoiding them, that is gross, overly optimistic, simplification.  I have 3 beautiful little girls - healthy pregnancies - all under 10.  They don't understand why mommy is sick all the time.  I don't complain when I feel crummy, but I am not as able to be my usual "Type E" self.  While I love them dearly, I'm not sure that I would have tried so hard to continue having kids had the realities of complications been presented.  

Another anomalous irritation - when I'm not allowed to say "no" to something myself that I don't choose to eat.  Please offer me the choice to say no to desserts, chocolates, regular pop, etc.  I am a grown up.  I've dealt with this quite well for 27 years.  Please allow me to handle it myself. 

Thanks for doing  this!

dx '71, MM507 1.12.98