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Re: [IP] Steel Magnolias - Sara Blowing the ending.. :)

OH NO... Well now I know the ending now ;) I was planning on watching this
movie. I have never seen it.. probably was never interested when it came out
it was a "chick" film :)
There was an episode on the X files where some guy was going to die because he
couldn't get his insulin or something.. I think it would take quite a while..
.... hollywood in all it's various mediums tries to dramatize it or just plain
fabricate stuff..
I remember watching one show on tv (can't remember the show) and they were going
to treat someone's low blood sugar with Insulin, I threw my shoe at the screen!!
Gee, wasn't there any fact checkers working when they wrote that one? I wish I
could remember what show that was....   probably don't want to...

so Sara, how did the "date" turn out... Did the guy freak? :)  I am always
of what "dates" would think and such.. Especially with all the distortions out

email @ redacted wrote:

> I too was not in the best of shape when I saw this movie, diabetes-wise.  I
> was embarassed by the reaction scene cuz I was on a date with a guy I really
> liked.  I have never had a "fit" or "spell" like this, and have never
> witnessed one either, so I guess it was a little too much.
> What really sucked was in the last scene, after Shelby is dead, Sally Field is
> wearing the short sleeved flowered dress.  My mother looks a lot like Sally
> Field, and had that exact dress for my sisters wedding - it kinda choked me
> up...
> Sara