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[IP] Diabetic misnomers

BP, meaning before pumping, I was on the MDI method and happened to have
a day like I always did of may invariables.  I had a short time span to
run to the grocery store in our little town and felt myself going low(4
p.m. or so)  I asked the sales clerk if there was some where I could sit
and drink some juice before I had  problems, and explained I was
diabetic.  I was fading fast, and finally the clerk and a friend came to
their lunch room  with me.  I was listening and afraid to talk too much
because you know how we can be, well I guess I should say I know How I
Can Be.  When the friend of the clerk asked her what was diabetes and
what caused these episodes.  I wanted to answer, but was still not quite
safe to open my mouth.  The clerk in all her inteligence and misinfo
said it was a disease that could be controlled with diet, and only
people in poor control  had reactions. Her grand mother was a diabetic,
and she had never had a reaction.  I could not keep quiet any longer
with that answer, and told her that was untrue.  That low blood sugars
were just something that diabetics on insulin had trouble with and that
I was glad for her grandmother, but not to generalize my condition since
she obviously didn't have much medical knowledge of my condition. I also
told them if they wanted to know more information about diabetes that I
would gladly tell them about it when I was collected, and not in a
hurry. (I had to go back to work)  I then got up and finished my
shopping, and left.  Neither of these two clerks work there any longer
and I haven't had any problems shopping, so other than the feeling of a
half informed public, that really doesn't want to learn anymore, I just
don't waste my words on them.  I know I should try to edcucate people,
but only those who really want to know.   
Another time, I worked with this fellow who said his motherinlaw, a
German woman, had diabetes and never took any medication at all.  When
ever her diabetes bothered her she just drank a fifth of 100 proof
vodka.   I laughed till I cried, he said no, she only had to drink a
bottle every couple of weeks!  
see what I mean.   Laurie diabetic for 36 years, on the pump for 1.5
and this is wonderful with a pump!!!!