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RE: [IP] Diabetes Genetic Theory for Survival

Randall,   I agree with you 100% I have never thought I am being
punished by God.  I was told once that if I had enough faith I would be
cured, and WOW was that the wrong thing to say, my spiritual gift is
faith and I know it.  I pretty well set him straight!  I do think
sometimes we are allowed to have diseases just to help others.  I have a
friend at church that is confined to a wheel chair.  Her brain just
stopped sending messages to her legs and the doctors have never found
out exactly why.  She has had so many surgeries and lives with never be
able to walk or get out of bed by herself.  She told me one day that
when she gets to feeling low she thinks about me and what I go through
with diabetes (she was a nurse when she could work).  Boy was I
surprised, to me with all that I go through I feel so lucky not to have
a condition like hers, so if my diabetes can help someone like that I
consider it worth it.  Also, I would keep the diabetes for myself if it
could prevent one child from having to live with the disease, I cry for
any child that has to live with this disease.  Thank God mine did not
develop until I was 31 and had 3 children with no complications.

I also agree that without diabetes I would be in terrible shape.  I
would probably look like a blimp because I LOVE chocolate and any other
sweet.  Before diabetes my breakfast consisted of a piece of cake or

By the way, I am also a conservative Southern Baptist.

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> > Hey Forrest,
> >   I like that makes me think of my husband's cousin.  He told me
> that if I
> > would just pray to God I wouldn't have to take insulin.  (I've been
> diabetic
> > for 15 years)  He said his father-in-law or step father-in-law or
> something
> > other started praying and God told him to quit taking his pills for
> his
> > diabetes.  So he did, and he did fine so he said, but then the
> cousin said
> > after awhile he had to start taking them again.  I don't know I
> guess maybe he
> > sinned or something and god put him back on "the pills"  The cousin
> said he
> > did good though.  lol
> > 
> Diabetes isn't punishment from God for anyone's sins, and none of the 
> other medical conditions are punishment either.  Some of the 
> conditions are consequences of sin because somewhere along the 
> contagion chain someone's sin allowed the bacteria or virus to get 
> established and spread, but to claim that they are "punishment" is 
> just wrong.  
> My studies over the past twenty years have led me to the conclusion 
> that diabetes is just the result of living in a fallen world, i.e. a 
> world that left the plan that God had laid out for it a long, long 
> time ago.  Since then things have gotten worse in many ways with the 
> emergence of all kinds of diseases and conditions.  The Bible even 
> says that "all creation groans" as a result of this condition.  So if 
> anyone ever tells you that diabetes is the result of sin, look them 
> in their eyes and tell them that you've heard a conservative, 
> Southern Baptist preacher and thelologian state that it isn't the 
> result of sin - it is just a result of living in the universe we 
> inhabit...  
> Shortly after I was diagnosed an aquaintance told me that his church 
> was praying for me and that I should stop taking my insulin so I 
> could be cured.  When I asked him why did I have to stop taking my 
> insulin he just sputtered and left.  If God is going to cure someone 
> of their diabetes I'd bet that they will notice their bg values 
> dropping and figure it out themselves, without having to be told by 
> someone else to stop taking their medication.   That little church 
> has "cured" several type II diabetics, but unfortunately several of 
> them died shortly after they were "cured"...   and all of the type I 
> diabetics who have been "cured" have backslidden and had to start 
> taking insulin again after a few days...
> But I'm still praying for a cure, or at least improved treatments...  
> and after all these years at least part of the prayers have been 
> answered with a pump...  
> Randall Winchester
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