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Re: [IP] 'Sins lead to diabetic children'

On  2 Feb 98 at 9:39, email @ redacted wrote:

>      I must admit that I find this an interesting reason to get mad at mom 
>      and dad for not cleaning up their act.

I hadn't thought if it that way... hmmm...

>      Having gone through a good portion of rabbinic training I find it a 
>      little hard to swallow that little kids automagically get it for mom 
>      and dad's bad stuff (this is single case in very special special 
>      cases: note King Davids 1st son with BathSheva).
>      Not wanting to go into religious discourse, will be happy to take 
>      offline if interested.

Thanks for pointing out that that was a special case...

>      My cup of seltzer runnith over

Is that diet seltzer?

Randall Winchester

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