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[IP] Tight fitting dress, hiding the pump, etc......

It seems we're in the minority, but I'm with those that don't care who can see the pump.  I have the "thigh thing" - because they sent it with my pump, but it slides off (yes, I realize that I could sew it smaller), and I have to go to the bathroom to take care of anything with my pump.  I'm not shy (you'd NEVER guess would you...), I never retreated anywhere to give an insulin injection - it just was easier to give the injection through my clothes.  I wore a sweater dress to church yesterday and used the thigh thing, but put the same dress on today and took out two stitches in the side seam to put the quick release through.  Voila', I'm so much more comfortable.  Granted, I have to have a belt on, but it sure is more comfortable and a lot more convenient.  A piece of velcro might make the same thing possible without using a belt.  Have a super day!