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Re: [IP] Low blood sugar

On  2 Feb 98 at 0:05, email @ redacted wrote:

>  I have proudly told everyone that I haven't
> had these spells since being on the pump for 11/2 yrs that is until this
> morning.  I am so disappointed in myself.  I don't know what happened. I
> remember my husband making me drink orange juice and sugar and i do remember
> sitting on the couch and then it's kind of like i was here and then I wasn't.
> Then all of a sudden I realized what was going on (thanks to the oj)  and got
> up and ate.  And oh the headache I had forgotten about.  Anyway I feel better
> now .  Does anyone else have this problem?  And yes I probably deserve to be
> whipped for letting this happen.  Especially since I have 2 little ones.

You don't deserve to be whipped, just told that this kind of stuff 
happens to everyone.  Our bodies sometimes just do strange things 
that we cannot predict.  The pump helps but cannot take care of all 
the variability - I did everything ok over the weekend but woke up 
this morning with a bg of 225 and sneezing and coughing...  

You're among friends, and we won't bash you for being human...  just 
review your day and see if anything out of the ordinary happened that 
you can remember to adjust for in the future.  Then give those little 
ones a hug and keep on going...

Randall Winchester

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