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[IP] 'Sins lead to diabetic children'

     I must admit that I find this an interesting reason to get mad at mom 
     and dad for not cleaning up their act.
     Having gone through a good portion of rabbinic training I find it a 
     little hard to swallow that little kids automagically get it for mom 
     and dad's bad stuff (this is single case in very special special 
     cases: note King Davids 1st son with BathSheva).
     Not wanting to go into religious discourse, will be happy to take 
     offline if interested.
     My cup of seltzer runnith over
     By the way, has anyone researched diabetes and depression.
     An EMT told me last night that propulsid was an anti-depressent (well, 
     I knew that it removed the depression in my tummy, but...)
     just wondering.