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[IP] Steel Magnolias

From: buddybarber <email @ redacted>

>    How about some comments on Julia Roberts performance in that movie. She
>had to do some deep detective work there.

1.  I wish I looked that good when I have reactions.

2.  I was in horrible control when the film came out and I was all too
familiar with that whole "DRINK YOUR JUICE" scene.  Therefore I hated "Steel
Magnolias" and was embarrassed by it.

3.  My mother did not see it until it aired on TV.  She turned it off when
she saw it was "about that."

4.  Shelby's decision to have "rose and pink" as the colors in her wedding
can only be explained by low BG.

5.  This is odd, because I was just talking to a friend last night about
this movie and my own diabetes experiences.

email @ redacted