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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #100

     If any of you went to camp as a diabetic, do you remember the words to 
     the following song??
     (I am really really really trying to figure out the words to the 
     'sugar blues' song that we used to sing in Diabetic Camp...
        1st you feel shocky
          Then you feel rocky
        That's the way it goes with the sugar blues)
     ALSO: anybody go to NJEDA (NJ diabetic camp) back in the mid sixties 
     (I did this as an alternative to pot and woodstock).  (Drugs were far 
     safer AND they gave us new needles each day).
     ALSO: Anybody have a manual for the ancient insulin pumps??  I was 
     curious what the size of an original AutoSyringe  was (might make some 
     of the new pumpers trying to 'hide' their pump feel a little better).