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[IP] Growing out of diabetes

     You mean I'll eventually grow out of this??  I was just beginning to 
     enjoy not knowing who I am at 4 AM, walking around with a machine 
     connected to me full time and having my stomach remind me for the 
     better part of a week about last weekends meals.
     Not to mention the wonderful support and friendly attitude displayed 
     by coworkers, friends and family. 
     NO!! I definitely think growing out of diabetes is not a good idea and 
     I vote against it (of course, seeing as GROWING out of it does not 
     take a vote, and seeing that I've spent 36 out of 38 years with it 
     (95%) and 18+ of those 36 years on a pump (>50%) I deserve to try at 
     least three months off for very bad behavior just so I can tell 
     everyone how worthless life is without all this wonderful things to do 
     and the insulin-pumpers mailing list.