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RE: [IP] Low blood sugar

Tonya,I too.was diagnosed at 10,but I've had diabetes for 33 years. I've only had one major episode like you say while on the pump and I did it to myself. I didn't think that the insulin was working fast enough so I gave it another shot...not good...I've since learned.  This was when I first started  on the pump....haven't had an episode since......and I DON'T miss them a bit.....love the pump!!!!!!!!

P.S. please don't be dissappointed in yourself....this happens...sometimes for unknown reasons....just don't beat yourself up...!!!!!! I've learned that diabetes isn't a "perfect" disease.  No matter how hard you try ....sometimes it just doesn't work.....deal with it and go on......GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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I have had diabetes since I was 10 yrs old.  I've had it for 15 years.  I have
had episodes throughout the years of my blood sugar droping at night while
asleep and my not waking and well you can guess imagine, but thank goodness
someone has always been there.  I have proudly told everyone that I haven't
had these spells since being on the pump for 11/2 yrs that is until this
morning.  I am so disappointed in myself.  I don't know what happened. I
remember my husband making me drink orange juice and sugar and i do remember
sitting on the couch and then it's kind of like i was here and then I wasn't.
Then all of a sudden I realized what was going on (thanks to the oj)  and got
up and ate.  And oh the headache I had forgotten about.  Anyway I feel better
now .  Does anyone else have this problem?  And yes I probably deserve to be
whipped for letting this happen.  Especially since I have 2 little ones.


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