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RE: [IP] Barbara's presentation

> I had a situation once where I had a women tell me off beacuse I was
> up insulin in the restroom.  I had to take some insulin and the stalls
> too poorly lit to see the syringe.  She came in and called me a filthy
> When I told her that I was a diabetic, she said  " I don't care what you
are ,
> you are all filthy junkies to me."  I was so humilated.  Even today I will
> take a shot in the car before I will use a public restroom.

I had this happen to me once in the men's room at the old Pittsburgh
airport.  Someone looked at me and accused me of being a druggie.  I told
him, in no uncertain terms, that he was welcome to f**k off and mind his own
business, and that I would be more than delighted to talk to airport
security if he desired to go get them.  He DID, believe it or not.  When I
showed the guard the insulin vial, he just started laughing.  He then
apologized to me and said he wasn't laughing at me, but at the ignorance of
the other guy, who by this point had stormed off red-faced.  It was

Greg Legowski
"A piece of pumpkin cheesecake is NOT a lunch." (Edith Wilson)
"Oh, and like a McDonald's apple pie and strawberry sundae make dinner?"
"No, that was dessert.  The fries were dinner..." (Edith)