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Re: [IP] Case or no case

My 506 Minimed pump is pretty old, I always use the case, I never worry about
being careful and I haven't had most of these problems.  The case is less
"medical" looking than the pump and if my students catch sight of it they tend to
either make allusive to comments (although I'm not always sure what they are
alluding to since I doubt most of them recognize a pump) or ask questions.  I
don't mind answering questions but the questions seem to come at the worst
possible times and students who are easily distracted will use it if they can.
for that reason the case is easier.


email @ redacted wrote:

>       I find it interesting that no one responded yet that does not keep the
> pump in the case.   I Don't keep it in the case unless I am at something that
> I know is dusty or dirty  i.e. a horse show or cleaning the garage.  I think
> the case is just that much more in the bulk of it.   My only other time I wear
> the case is when I am dressed up & don't want to look quite so much like I'm
> carrying a cheap pager (which is what most people think you have anyway.).  I
> guess I feel that if I am dressed up my pump should look dressed up & not it's
> casual self too. :-)
>      Sometimes when I put it in my pocket to wear, I take the clip off & it
> seems so much smaller still at this point.   I do get some lint in the pump
> res section but just blow air on it when I change the res & it goes away.  I
> use the brush usually when I change the battery to clean the lead screw.  I
> don't see any problems with the pump not in the case & I like it better.
> Personal preferrance but I don't see that you Have to otherwise MM wouldn't
> give the option if they knew it would cause probs ??  I'm guessing that they
> feel comfortable either way, as it is a major expense & major tech devise they
> have made & perfected over the years.
>    MY 2 Pennies      Kathi          MM507 since May 97