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Re: [IP] Barbara's presentation

To combine two of the threads going on here:  barbs presentation and sweetners

1.  What really aggravates me is when people say things like "natural" sugars
are better for you than refined ones.  Not so much any more but a few years
ago when this whole natural foods kick was getting under way - like granola
was supposed to be SO much better for you than Cocoa Puffs!  Puh-Lease!  As if
1 tablespoon of honey is any better for you than 1 tablespoon of refined white
sugar.  Or you go in a natural foods store and they are giving away samples of
the new Natural soda - NO SUGAR added...Neat, you think - and you ask - so how
is it sweetened...oh fruit juice or high fructose corn syrup or...and so on.
HELLO  sugar = sugar = sugar..Just like there is no "touch" of diabetes.

2.  Something others have mentioned - people asking if your sugar is OK when
you get a little MOOOOOOOOODY.  No one can chalk my latest surliness in the
hospital up to high blood sugars, cuz except for maybe 3-4 tests I was between
120 and 170 the whole time.  We have bad days too - especially when clueless
peopple are trying to run our lives.

I can think of more, but you guys have hit them more succintly than I could -
I tend to be a little verbose...sorry