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Re: [IP] Barbara's presentation

email @ redacted wrote:
> I had a situation once where I had a women tell me off beacuse I was drawing
> up insulin in the restroom.  I had to take some insulin and the stalls were
> too poorly lit to see the syringe.  She came in and called me a filthy junkie.
> When I told her that I was a diabetic, she said  " I don't care what you are ,
> you are all filthy junkies to me."  I was so humilated.  Even today I will
> take a shot in the car before I will use a public restroom.

I always look at it a bit differently. When I tell anybody about it I always say
it's PRESCRIBED by my doctor and is the only thing that's kept me alive for 
41+ years. If they can't understand that I don't CARE what they say, THEY are
the junkie!

> Ps. We are changing insurances in April and I will be able to return to my
> original physician.  He has already said that the will pescribe the pump for
> me.  So we are up and running.

At least people won't hit you with the "junkie" foolishness! When I got 
out of the hospital after my pump training it was a week before Christmas, 
and we had to start our Christmas shopping yet. We went in Wal-Mart and it 
got to be lunch time, so I ttook my bolus standing in front of the customer 
service counter with people all around. Sure felt different than hiding in the
rest-room to take it! Nobody even noticed, so I was grinning the ret of
the day.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 41+ years, MM506 pump for 4+