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Re: [IP] Diabetes Genetic Theory for Survival

Forrest,  I suppose that whoever finds the reason anyone gets an autoimmune
disorder (Type 1 leans heavily in that direction), she or he will get a lot of
recognition in the medical community.  The key here is to identify the
potential for developing the problem and work on preventing its development.
There is a study called the Diabetes Prevention Trial which focuses on
identifing people at risk for developing Type 1. All relatives of individuals
with Type 1 can be screened through a blood test.  There are several clinical
research centers around the US that are participating.  I have info at work
and can post it sometime this week  if anyone wants to know about it.  Some
here may already know about it or have already had screenings done.

The other issue here relates to Type 2 diabetes which has a stronger genetic
factor involved and accounts for 90+% of people with glucose metabolism
disorders.  I believe much of the confusion in the general public (and
medical) is because we hear more about Type 2.  This leads the less informed
to categorize all diabetes in the same group.  They are two different
conditions with similar symptoms, but with widely variable management
programs.    Type 2 also is heavily influenced by lifestyle.  The American
Indians and the Asian population groups did not have a problem with Type 2
until they stopped being hunter/gatherers and adopted the living habits of the
rest of the Western world. ( Aerobic exercise on the TV remote only stregthens
thumb muscles.)