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[IP] Re:DAmaged kidneys ??

     In my opinion. . . . . Just hang in there Randall, you will get
something from Coca Cola. Damaged kidneys. EVERY time I drink more than two
diet Cokes or diet Dr. Pepper my kidneys won't let me forget it. Therfore, I
don't drink them any more. Diet Orange Slice I can drink by the 2 liter
bottle and it don't affect me in any way except the way to the bathroom.
Buddy '-)

I consume about 2-3 liters of Diet Coke a day - the real stuff with
caffeine in it.  Now if I could just remember what I meant to say
when I started this comment... duh....  where is that send key?

  I had several people ask
if I got an endorsment fee from CocaCola...
Randall Winchester